Monthly Archives: January 2014

MAgicFaceHello Everybody! I'm here to talk to you about a question that gets asked a lot around here. What is the difference between curtains and draperies? Is there a difference? Well I've got the answer for you!

Some of us might use the terms interchangeably but there is a difference. Curtains are a lighter fabric that are thin or sheer. They have no lining and therefore do not block out any sunlight and the thin fabric doesn't provide privacy. But, They do come in a nice range of colors and patterns and are usually cost friendly.

Draperies are made of a heavier fabric and are typically lined. Draperies not only block out the light but they also provide insulation to block out heat and cold, they also provide privacy. Depending on your style they can look beautiful and casual or they can be as elegant as you can image.

Sew Fine offers everything you can imagine when it comes to sheers and draperies. We love what we do and we're great at what we do. If you are just moving into a new home or want to redecorate call us and we can help you with window treatments!